Discover the best treatment for your autistic child

Biomedical treatment can be a complicated process. Let us help you create a clear path to recovery.

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Key Lessons

This course will teach you about:

Recovery Protocols

Biomedical Testing


Environmental Factors



Lesson Plan

  • 01


    You'll learn the foundation of biomedical treatment so that you can formulate the approach that works best for your child.

  • 02


    It's important to understand how to get a proper diagnosis. What tests should you take? How do you really know if your child has autism and not some medical issue that's mirroring autism?

  • 03

    Health Professionals

    DAN, MAPs, homeopathic doctors, developmental pediatricians, naturopathic physicians, etc. We'll help you understand how you can best utilize these medical professions in your recovery journey.

    • 04

      Lab Testing

      Don't know how to choose between an Organic Acids Test (OAT), Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Food Allergy Panel, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, etc. We'll provide a rundown of the important tests so you can understand why they're important and how they can aid your child's recovery.

    • 05


      Learn about protocols line Nemechek, antiviral, biofilm, andy cutler protocol, etc to that you can determine the best path for your child. Protocol often address deep health issues that can produce transformation progess in your child.

    • 06


      Learn the theory behind concepts like the gluten-free/casein-free (GFCF) diet for autism and how to apply it and other spectrum-related dieting options to your recovery plan.

    • 07


      Learn about three different phases that neutralize and solubilize toxins, and transport them to secretory organs (like the liver or kidneys), so that they can be excreted from the body. A good detox program is often a foundational characteristic of a recovery plan.

    • 08

      Gastrointestinal Issues

      Gastrointestinal (GI) problems are unusually common among people with autism. A broken gut-brain axis is often the determining that's producing a plethora of down-system problems in your child's health. We'll teach you to address these problems.

    • 09


      When a “foreign” substance—a toxin, bacteria, or a virus—enters the body, a cascade of inflammatory chemicals and processes ramp up to fight off the invader. If your child's response system is dysfunctional, it could be attacking itself rather than healing itself.

    • 10

      Immunological Dysfunction

      Immune dysfunction, especially involving cellular immunity, is a common train amongst children on the spectrum. It's common for children to have significant auto-immune problems that present themselves as autism. We'll help you identify the clues.

    • 11

      DNA Methylation and Susceptibility

      Learn about the relationship between methylation and autism and why environment trumps genetics when it comes to preventing and treating this neurodevelopment disorder.

    • 12

      Metabolic disorders

      Learn about metabolic conditions such as mitochondrial disease and dysfunction and abnormalities in cerebral folate metabolism that may be causing a majority of your child's spectrum-related symptoms.

    • 13


      What's next? We'll give you with something extra special to help you get started with all the knowledge you've acquired from this course! Time to start the healing!


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